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Through 22 years of experience, Nina Hanson, focuses on alleviating your pain through deep tissue massage.

While a lot of massage therapists focus on the muscles, Nina Hanson also focuses on connective tissue (or fascia).  This the the webbing that surrounds each muscle fiber, each muscle bundle and each muscle group.  It also makes up the tendons and ligaments in the body and surrounds all the bones.  This is a string-like material that responds to what is happening with the muscles and the body in general. 

When the body is stressed, the connective tissue becomes tighter and can compress muscle.  This stressing is similar to having a very tight pair of pants on and trying to walk up stairs.  It takes more effort to do so.  When the connective tissue is relaxed, by allowing more blood to circulate around it, it releases the stress on the muscle and relief is then experienced.  So many times, what feels like a tight muscle, can actually be just tight connective tissue.

The source of chronic pain is not necessarily where the pain is felt. The solution at Nice Touch Medical Massage is to look at the symptom but then search for the cause of the problem.   For example, hip pain can be from a foot that is not balanced, or neck pain can come from a wrist that is stressed.  Nina can then alleviate the pain by working with deep tissue massage by working on the source of the pain. 

Sometimes the activities that you are currently doing can cause the discomfort that you are experiencing.  But other times, it can be from experiences from the past that were never fully healed.  These can be addressed in several ways, which is dealt with on an individual basis, depending on your background and experiences.

When situations come up where there may be another therapist in the area who would be better at a certain technique, Nina does not hesitate to refer you to them.  Her focus is to help you on your path to healing.


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Why are Nice Touch Massages  more effective in relieving chronic pain?

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